reincarnation edition


Doctor Music Festival, the country's most legendary festival ever, is back with a once in a lifetime edition. The Reincarnation Edition of the "Festival of the Cow" will take place in 2019, in the exact same valley where the history of live music was changed forever some 20 years ago.



Discover everything that Doctor Music Festival has to offer. We have prepared a life changing experience for you, jam packed with 4 days of music, friendship and nature, designed to enrich your mind, satisfy your body and uplift your soul. In Cow We Trust.


  • Michael Stipe - Musician & producer - DMF1996

    "I distinctly remember the Doctor Music Festival in the evening in 1996 with Patti Smith. It was a definitive highlight of summer for me and one of the greatest memories of the entire tour."

  • David Bowie - Singer - DMF1996

    "I like the community feel a lot. I try and get out and look at as many of the other bands as possible. If I get here on time, I generally see at least the band, maybe the two bands before us. I like to hear the variety of music, it’s nice. It’s very pleasant."

  • Igor Cavalera - Drummer of Sepultura - DMF1996

    "It’s a beautiful place, it’s hot, but I prefer it to other places we’ve played where it’s cold or rains. This is perfect for me and gives me good vibes."

  • Brett Anderson and Simon Gilbert - Singer and drummer of Suede, DMF1996

    "It’s a lovely setting, it’s great. You can’t ask for more really, it’s in the mountains, in the sun, it’s beautiful and it’s warm. It’s a real success, the promoters have been great, the people are happy and it’s been a great gig."

  • Neneh Cherry - Singer - DMF1996

    "It’s a good kind of ritual."

  • Patti Smith - Singer - DMF1996

    "I think this place has a good future."

  • Manuel Trallero - La Vanguardia - 1997

    "This ephemeral city, the city of rock, this provisional homeland, full of youth, populated by different tribes all cohabiting in the same meadow, like a magnificent and enormous Babel. They exist together in perfect harmony..."

  • Rafael Tapounet - El Periódico - 1996

    "Doctor Music Festival marks a turning point in the history of live music in Spain. We finally have our Woodstock"

  • Jacinto Antón - Rafael TapounetEl País Digital - 1997

    "There is lots of kissing at this festival. Long, spontaneous, fleeting, passionate, casual kissing..."

  • Pep Blay - AVUI - 1997

    "There is so much more to enjoy than just the music"

  • Manuel Trallero - La Vanguardia - 1997

    "In this imaginary country, in this Icaria where the utopia of human happiness has become reality, albeit for a short time only, many extraordinary things are happening..."

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