Once you have arrived

When you arrive at the festival, follow the relevant parking and camping instructions. It will make the arrival process quicker and easier for everyone.
If you will be arriving in your own vehicle, you should park it in the corresponding car park and enter the festival site on foot, following the sign-posted entry routes.
Make sure to pick up any spare tools or bits of plastic after pitching and taking down your tent.
Please clean up any food scraps or non-biodegradable waste using the rubbish bags made available to you. If you run out, you can ask for more at the information point located in the 24-hour Zone.
Paper, cardboard and other recyclable waste should be deposited in the relevant containers, which you will find in the sign-posted recycling points.
The water in the shower facilities is safe to drink. You can use it to drink, wash your hands and brush your teeth, shave, wash the dishes/lunchbox etc. Please try and avoid using powdered detergents, and use vegetable based bar soap instead. Please also avoid throwing any food scraps in the water.
The WC cubicles are designed to deal with organic waste and dirty water. Never throw rubbish down them. Please only use them as intended, instead of contaminating the fields and rivers.
The shower cubicles are the festival’s primary source of water. Please take quick showers to avoid queues and help save water. Use vegetable based bar soap if possible. The water used during the festival will be treated after the festival and put back clean into the river.
If you smoke, please be respectful of those around you and avoid bothering others with smoke. Most importantly, remember than cigarette filters are not biodegradable and will continue polluting the earth for over ten years, so please don’t throw them on the ground.

Inside the Festival Grounds

Follow the sign-posted routes and be respectful of the surrounding environment.
The fence surrounding the festival site is designed to avoid unauthorised people from entering the festival. Please be respectful of the local area and if you spot anything unusual, notify a member of staff.
Please use the recycling and rubbish facilities, helping to keep the festival site and especially the campsite as you found it. Don’t leave your tent behind when you leave.
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