Doctor Music Festival is an event to be enjoyed by everyone. We operate a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to violent or abusive behaviour. Any form of abusive conduct will result in immediate expulsion and will be officially reported to the police. If you witness any incident or dangerous situation, please inform a member of the Festival security staff immediately.
Free camping is not permitted, so tents cannot be pitched anywhere outside of the official Festival camping zones.
It is prohibited to park on the road or any access roads to the Festival. Please use the designated Festival parking zones.
Glass containers will not be permitted anywhere within the Festival site.
Street vendors are strictly forbidden anywhere within the Festival site, car parking zones or access roads.
Dogs, cats or any other animals are not permitted for hygiene reasons.
Firecrackers, bangers, fireworks, sparklers or any pyrotechnic items are strictly forbidden. Laser pointers are also forbidden.
Professional sound or image recording equipment is not permitted in any artist performance areas, although they may be used in the camping zones.
You can bring food and drink into the camping zone, providing it is for personal consumption only. For security reasons, glass containers will not be permitted.

Respect The Enviroment

Here are some recommendations for protecting the environment.
Don’t bring plastic plates, cups or cutlery. Plastic is an epidemic that is pushing our ecosystems to the limit.
You can use wooden, paper, biodegradable or compostable utensils instead
Avoid using powdered soap to wash dishes. It is both impractical and highly contaminating when in contact with water.
Use a vegetable based bar soap which is much better for the environment.
Avoid using button cell batteries or long-life batteries as much as possible. Both cadmium, mercury and many other heavy metals have serious effects on the environment, animals and plants. Use rechargeable batteries or single cell batteries (eco). If they run out, keep them and take them back with you to be recycled.
Remember that a lot of packaging and chemical products used in cosmetics are highly pollutant. Try to avoid them as much as possible for both nature’s sake and your own.
Use organic or natural cosmetics and hygiene products. Keep the empty packaging and recycle it.
If you want to bring in food and drink, remember that some foods may spoil. Don’t bring any bottles or PVC, polyethylene or glass packaging (they will not be permitted inside the Festival).
Remember that there is a supermarket on site. Use a reusable water bottle to fill up water in the shop.
Remember that camping gas is prohibited by law in areas with high concentrations of people. It will therefore not be permitted at the Festival for your security. There are many foods that don’t need cooking before consumption. You can bring them from home or purchase them at the Festival supermarket. You will be able to buy all the hot food you like in the festival grounds, and at very reasonable prices.
Don’t only pack summer clothes presuming it will be hot all day long. Bring cool and light clothing for the daytime.
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