3 Days Become 4


Thursday 11th July will be the opening night for concerts in Escalarre

The second edition of Doctor Music Festival in 1997 was kicked off with an incredible performance from Rage Against the Machine.

This was the first time that a festival has lasted 4 days. The opening concert saw more than 27 thousand people through the doors and was a jaw-dropping and wild live show that without a doubt left its mark on the personality of both the festival and the crowd for ever.

For the 2019 Reincarnation Edition we wanted to resurrect both the spirit and length of the festival, offering festival-goers the chance to enjoy four days jam-packed full of eclectic and high-quality music. All festival tickets sold to date give access to the full four days of the festival.

On Thursday 11th July, the main stage at Doctor Music Festival 2019 will inaugurate an incredible concert that will forever be engraved in the memory of its spectators and will pave the way for four days of music, nature, love, freedom and… more music!

To be continued… Stay tuned!

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