King Crimson & Underworld at DMF 2019

King Crimson & Underworld to perform three concerts each at the Doctor Music Festival

King Crimson and Underworld arrive stepping up strong at the Doctor Music Festival’s line-up. Both groups will offer three concerts each during the days of the festival. A pioneering idea that consists of a small number of artists offering three concerts on different days at the festival instead of one as usual. This will allow the public to have more than one opportunity to see the shows they like and, in addition, the greatest fans will be able to see their favourite artist more than once.

Two of the big names that will join the line-up to offer for the first time and exclusively three different shows in the same festival, in what will be one of the initiatives of the DMF to reduce the anxiety generated among the public by the worry of missing any of the key concerts of a festival. As explained recently in an interview in Mondo Sonoro Neo Sala, Director of the DMF: “The fact of going to a festival and having to run to go and catch someone play… Our festival will not be an accumulation of concerts, a collection of cards… I do not want people to have the feeling that they will miss something out something if they do not run… the famous FOMO effect (“fear of missing out”) that you get in those big events will be notoriously reduced at the Doctor Music Festival”.

The artists have received with great enthusiasm this innovative initiative and in this regards, Robert Fripp has recently made these statements: “In strange and uncertain times there are moments in which a reasonable person could despair. But hope is unreasonable, and the power of music to unite people is a good reason to have some hope. King Crimson has the privilege to perform three times at the Doctor Music Festival. Each setlist will be different but, until the morning of the show, we won’t know how it will be”.

The line-up will be released the first months of 2019.

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