reincarnation edition

Reconnection Space

Reconnection Space is a space for the person, the individual soul, where it can be calmed and rebalanced to offer the best possible version to those around us. These two spaces complete the circle of human energy as a social being, exuding positive and constructive energy together with energy for personal growth and community.
Reconnection Space is a space for attuning and reconnecting with oneself and Mother Nature, bringing peace to your body and mind. It’s a day space that will open its doors from sunrise until sunset.
Reconnection Space is an introspective zone for inner reconnection and recharging energy. It will welcome yoga master-classes, in addition to meditation and Eastern philosophies based on the fours elements: earth, water, fire and air.
Reconnection Space will be located in a nearby field, set away from the main hustle and bustle of the Festival and surrounded by trees and shady spots to relax. It will be a vibrant space offering a continuum of sacred music: sound healing, energetic and healthy nutrition, integrative cooking workshops, natural beauty treatments, organic hairdressing and chill out zones so you can practice mindfulness and yoga, following the lead of yoga master Xuan Lan.
Quiromassage, reflexology, forest bathing, Reiki, unblocking of chakras, shamanic ceremonies and conscious eating of healthy breakfasts are just a few of the activities you will be able to take part in at the Reconnection Space.
The space will be a mobile free zone, so all phones will have to be left at the entrance as the continued connection they provide with the outside world is incompatible with the very necessary and sought-after connection with one’s inner-self as a human and with nature.

Force Field

Force Field is a space for the tribe, for collective vibration.
Force Field is a space for electronic music where you can release all of your energy and connect it with those dancing around you. It’s about dancing away your cathartic energy, a liberation of feelings, and transformative hallucinations.
Force Field is an evening space, which will run non-stop sessions from sundown until sunrise.
The central totem of Force Field will collect all the surrounding collective energy and project it up into the sky for the rest of the night. This totem, an atavistic shape with masculine resonances, will be a vortex of energy directed towards space and will connect up with the dolmen in the Reconnection Space, a shape that since prehistoric times has symbolised the cave, retreat and gestation. This feminine resonance closes the circle of energy.
The music in Force Field will be an eclectic mix of deep, electro, disco and house beats with a line-up of artists lead by Damian Lazarus. Each of the four nights will be dedicated to one of the four elements: earth, water, fire and air.
The release of energy coming from all the dancing souls during the night will flow all the way from Force Field to the peaceful Reconnection Space, reaching those who have come to reconnect and restore their energetic balance during the daytime.
This peace, harmony, joy and pleasure will be the fruit of a strong energetic flow arising from the connection of feminine-masculine energies and a yin-yang of disconnection and reconnection.
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