Sacred Geometry

The valley where Doctor Music Festival will be held was consecrated with respective ceremonies in 2017 and 2018 when the position of the moon and the stars was exactly the same as it will be during this new festival edition in July 2019.
These rituals of Druidic tradition were designed to unite the whole festival team, helping us to get our bodies and spirit in harmony with the valley. It was our way of respecting this natural space that will host us for 4 days and 4 nights during the festival.
The different areas of the festival have been organised according to sacred geometry to form the shape of a mandala, whose circles, rectangles, lines and intersections will be in harmony with the geological energies of its surroundings.
The centre of the mandala will be the energetic uterus that will light up the birth of the festival.
We have constructed an 8-tonne menhir at its centre, which will act as the spiritual naval of the valley and a vortex for the masculine energies of the firmament and the feminine energies of the earth.
The menhir will be positioned as a central point, connecting all areas and energy vortexes in the festival, by carefully studying the position of ancient dolmens and menhirs, as well as any natural telluric alterations such as geological faults and underground water currents.

Personal Transformation

This special valley, set among beautiful mountains and natural parks, is also the centre of a network of Romanesque churches. In the Middle Ages it was even used as a refuge for the Cathars, who were considered heretics for attacking the materialism of the Catholic Church.
Not only does it collect the water that flows down the mountainside into its valley, but it also collects and is blessed by the energy of its mystical heritage.
There are many reasons why people come to Doctor Music Festival, not just to discover new forms of cultural and creative expression. The experience is about much more than simply getting together and connecting with the people we love. Above all, people come to the festival for self-discovery and getting to know themselves in a deeper way, away from the limitations and conventionality of modern society.
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