Legal Notice / Privacy Policy

  1. Property and purpose of this web site

This web site and its internet domain ( are the property of the company In Cow We Trust, S.L. (hereinafter known as “ICWT”), with its business address on Provenza St. 280, 08008 Barcelona, registered in the Commercial Registry of Barcelona, Volume 45,687, File 162, Page B-495897, Record 1 and with its electronic contact email being

The purpose of this web site is to advertise the products, events and services of ICWT (hereinafter known as “products”), as well as serve as the electronic sales platform for these products.

  1. Acceptance of the Legal Notice and Privacy Policy to use this web site.

By accessing this web site the user assumes full acceptance of the terms and conditions for use established in this legal notice, as well as the privacy policy that appears on this page (hereinafter known, collectively, as “Legal Notice and Privacy Policy”). In addition, users are required to properly use this web site, which is subject to the current laws regarding good faith and proper conduct, and without disobeying morality and public order.

The aforementioned does not exclude any electronic sale of ICWT products that is completed by means of this web site, which will be governed by the specific terms and conditions that users will be informed of for every assumed purchase.

  1. Reserved right to modify this Legal Notice and Privacy Policy for this web site.

ICWT reserves the right to carry out, with no prior warnings, at any time and with immediate effects, any modifications and periodic updates that are considered appropriate for the Legal Notice and Privacy Policy. Therefore, ICWT recommends users of this web site to periodically review this page.

  1. Rights and legal positions regarding the content that is contained in this web site.

Definition of the term “content”:  The term “content” refers to all content that is found within this web site, which is understood as, including but not limited to, the source code, the design and the browsing structure of the web site, as well as the different symbols, industrial designs, audiovisual productions and products, photographs, and texts that are shown on this web site.

Rights and legal positions regarding the content presented by ICWT: The content of this web site presented by ICWT is the object of the intellectual property, rights of industrial property and/or the legal rights or positions of similar economic content owned by ICWT or third parties, who have awarded the pertinent licenses or authorizations.

Therefore, accessing this web site does not award the users with the ownership or the right to use the referred to content (by means of, among others, any reproduction, distribution, public communications, making publicly available or modifying), unless ICWT or third party owners of the rights and/or legal positions being dealt with expressly authorize this, by indicating as such on this web site or by means of licenses or written authorizations for this purpose. Therefore, ICWT reserves the right to use watermarks, technological devices or other security measures that allow for the tracking or on-line following of unauthorized users of such content. And, in any case, ICWT reserves the right to initiate any legal actions that are appropriate against those users who infringe the stipulated rights of intellectual property, rights of industrial property and/or legal rights or positions for similar economic content.

  1. Mechanisms for notifying of supposed violations of the legal rights and positions of users and other persons.

Any user on this web site or any other person who considers that, at any time, the content on this web site is violating their rights and/or legal positions, may notify ICWT of a supposed violation, by means of sending a certified letter to the ICWT address that is listed at the top of this page.

For ICWT to evaluate this, the person who is sending the notification must provide the following information:

  1. Full name, mailing address, telephone and electronic email.
  2. A detailed explanation of the supposed violation of the rights and/or legal positions.

In addition, the person who sends the notification to ICWT must state the following facts:

  1. That the information included in the notification is exact and true.
  2. That the person qualifies to submit a claim.
  3. That, in the case of ICWT removing any information and then showing that the claim that was submitted was false or inexact and/or that the person who submitted the claim did not qualify, ICWT will not be responsible for any damages or losses nor any other consequences that may result from the withdrawal of said information.

ICWT will analyze the notifications that it receives, evaluate them and make a decision to remove the content that is being dealt with or not. When ICWT considers that the information provided in a notification is not sufficiently complete and/or clear, among other issues, to complete an evaluation, it will communicate this in writing to the person who has sent the notification, urging them to provide further information and/or to make use of the legal measures within their reach – such as, filing a complaint to the police or appropriate legal authorities- for the purpose of clarifying if a violation of their rights and/or legal positions has occurred or not.

  1. Excursion Rights

ICWT reserves the right to deny or suspend, without prior notices and at its discretion, at any time and either permanently or temporary, access to this web site to any users that do not comply with the Legal Notice and Privacy Policy.

  1. Responsibilities

Conduct of users on this web site:

  • ICWT is not responsible for any damages or losses nor other consequences that are a result of the Users not fulfilling the Legal Notice and Privacy Policy.


  • ICWT is not responsible for any damages or losses nor other consequences that are a result from the web site or its content not being available due to technical, security, or control issues, updates or maintenance, or errors due to the server where this web site is hosted or due to intermediary third parties or providers.
  • ICWT is not responsible for any damages or losses caused to the users of this web site due to information programs, viruses, or other elements that are out of its control.
  • ICWT does not exercise any control of the services, content and/or other elements that the users on this web site may access through technically linked devices, directories, or other means included in this web site. Therefore, ICWT is not responsible for the technical availability, quality or exactness, among others, of the services, content and/or other elements that may be accessed, nor for any damages or losses or other consequences that may be produced as a result of its use.
  1. Authorization of links

Any third party links on this web site must be on the main page, and will be expressly prohibited from deep links, framing and another benefit from the content of this web site on behalf of third parties that are expressly unauthorized by ICWT. In addition, ICWT prohibits the creation of links from web sites with content that is contrary to the law, good faith, good practices, morality and public order.

  1. Cookies

ICWT uses cookies with the User browses the web page. Cookies are a mechanism to gather information that the web page automatically transfers to the hard drive on the User’s computer, with the goal of copying information related to the visit and the browsing carried out by the user on the web page. Cookies are only associated with the user anonymously and their computer or other mobile or electronic devices, and they do not provide the name or last name or identifying information from the user. Thanks to cookies, ICWT can recognize the Users after they have been registered for the first time, without having to register them for every visit when accessing the areas and services that they have already accessed previously. Cookies have different duration periods depending on the use and they vary from as short as the browsing session only up to a number of weeks.

The cookies that are used can not read information from the hard drive nor read the cookie files that were created by other providers, nor can they offer any information to people unassociated to ICWT. The server that activates the cookies is located at the URL

The User has the option of configuring the browser to present a warning on the screen when receiving cookies and stop them from being installed on the hard drive. Please, consult the instructions and manuals on your browser to find further information.

To use the web page, it is not necessary for the user to allow for the installation of cookies sent by ICWT. However, not doing so can imply that certain parts of the web sites may not work correctly or they may work considerably slower than usual.

  1. Privacy Policy and Protecting of Information

ICWT complies with the directives of the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 from the 13th of December on the Protection of Information of a Personal Character, Royal Decree 1720/2007 from the 21st of December, which approves the Regulation for development for the Organic Law and other current regulations at all times, and looks after the guaranteeing of the correct use and handling of any personal information from the user. In order to do so, along with each form that gathers information of a personal character, for the services that the user may request from ICWT, the user will be informed of the existence and acceptance of the specific conditions for handling its information for each case, thus informing them of the responsibility of the created file, the address of the responsible person, the possibility to exercise their rights to access, change, cancel or oppose this purpose of handling their information and any communication of information to third parties if applicable. In addition, ICWT informs you that it complies with the Spanish Law 34/2002 from the 11th of July governing Companies that offer Information and Electronic Commercial Services and it will, at all times, request your consent for using your email address for commercial reasons.

ICWT reserves the right to modify the present Privacy Policy and Protection of Information Policy to adapt it to new laws or precedents, as well as any sector practices. These modifications will be introduced by ICWT on the web page, which users should periodically review.

10.1. Gathering and handling Personal Information

You may be requested to fill out specific forms or provide specific Personal Information in order to access some of the services offered on the web page.

The Personal Information gathered will be for the purpose of handling and setting up the corresponding files for ICWT, which is the owner of and responsible for it, and which can be found duly registered under the Spanish Agency for the Protection of Information (hereinafter known as “Files”). With this in mind, ICWT will provide the Users with the appropriate technical resources so that, prior to providing their Personal Information, they can access this warning regarding the Privacy Policy or any other relevant information and may provide their electronic consent for the purpose of ICWT to proceed with the gathering and handling of their Personal Information.

It is the requirement of the Users to provide authentic Personal Information, as well as keep it updated at all times, in a manner that corresponds to what is true.

The automatic gathering and handling of Personal Information has the goals of (i) providing services offered on the web page, (ii) executing contracts via electronic email, which the users draw up, (iii) sending survey forms to the users, (iv) sending marketing or promotional information for products and services offered by ICWT or by related third parties that may be of your interest, with the user expressly consenting to the sending of such information by any means, including electronic ones, among others. Users are also informed that ICWT may provide their Personal Information to other companies or organizations that are within ICWT’s scope through collaborative agreements or the offering of services related to the activity of ICWT (hosting or publicity companies, among others), which the users will expressly consent to.

In addition, ICWT will disclose and use the Personal Information that it has obtained when it is legally necessary to identify, enter into a contract or exercise any legally appropriate actions against those persons who may be causing damages or violating (voluntarily or involuntarily) the rights of the intellectual and industrial property or for any other reason, of ICWT or any third party, independently of whether the person is a User on the Web Page or not.

10.2. Exercising the rights of the User

Users understand and may exercise the rights to access, oppose, rectify or cancel their Personal Information contained in the Files by contacting ICWT by means of sending a mail correspondence to the address of: Provenza 280, 08008 Barcelona. This request from the user should include, as a minimum, the following information:

  1. Name and last name of the user.
  2. A photocopy of the passport or another national Identification document for the User.
  3. A description of the specific request of the User.
  4. The user’s address for the purpose of notifications.
  5. The date and signature of the user.

Due to the very nature of the service and content of the web page, the cancellation of Personal Information will result in the automatic cancellation of the user from accessing the Web Page.

10.3. Security of Personal Information

ICWT has adopted the legally required security measures for protection information of a Personal Character and has installed all technological and organizational measures within its reach to avoid any alteration, loss, processing or unauthorized access to the Personal Information obtained by ICWT. Nevertheless, and in general, the user should be aware that the security measures on the Internet are not impregnable.

10.4. Using IP addresses

An IP address is the number that is automatically assigned to the user’s personal computer or information system(s) by the user’s Internet access provider for browsing the Internet. When the user requests to visit the Web Page, ICWT receives and learns the IP address of the user. ICWT gathers the numbers of the IP addresses for various reasons, including but not limited to, the goal of administering the system, obtaining statistic information for announcements, and in general, to control and monitor the use and number of visits that the web page produces.

ICWT will not associate the numbers from the IP address with any information that may identify a specific person, which means that a user’s visit will be recorded, but the user’s identify will remain anonymous. ICWT reserves the right to use the numbers from the IP address to, in connection with the user’s Internet access provider, protect the services and/or content of the web page or the interests of their clients or third parties, considering any breaches of the applicable law.

10.5. Free text fields

The free text fields that appear on the web page have the sole and exclusive purpose of collecting information in order to improve the quality of the services offered to the users.

Users should not use information of a personal character in the free text fields on the web page, as it may be qualified as information that has a sensitive level of protection, according to current Spanish law (including but not limited to, information related to political opinion, religious beliefs, trade union membership, health, sexual life or ethnic origin of individuals), without prior written notice to ICWT.

10.6. Minors

ICWT services are directed to those persons who are of age. If the user is a minor, they must have the prior consent of their parents or guardians in order for their Personal Information to be collected and used, along with being stored in a file.

However, it is extremely complicated to determine the true age of the persons who can access the services offered through the web page, along with the fact that he or she may or may not have the appropriate maturity to provide consent. If you discover that minor children are registered for any service and you wish to cancel it, contact ICWT at the addresses that appear in the Contact Address section described below.

  1. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The Legal Notice and Privacy Policy is governed by Spanish law. In the event of a claim by the users on this web site toward ICWT, the users are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona, and they expressly deny any other jurisdiction that, according to the Law, may apply. In the event of a claim on behalf of ICWT toward the users of the web site, the users accept that ICWT may begin the appropriate legal actions in the jurisdiction that is considered to be appropriate.

Latest version of the Legal Notice and Privacy Policy: January 31st, 2017