The acquisition, possession, and/or use of tickets and day passes (“tickets” or “the ticket”) for Doctor Music Festival 2019 (the “festival”) organized by In Cow We Trust S.L. (“The Organizer” indicates the express acceptance of the terms and conditions below. In the case of a contradiction between the General Conditions for Admittance and the purchase conditions for any of the ticketing operators that have been authorized by the Organizer, the General Conditions of the Organizer shall always prevail.


To enter the facilities, you must show your pass, which will be scanned for verification purposes. You must carry valid identification with you at all times, as this must be shown before and during the collection and exchange of passes, and may at times be required by security personnel within the facilities at Pla de Santa Maria (Esterri d’Aneu). In the case of attendees not of Spanish nationality, we will accept copies of official identification documents from their countries of origin (identification cards, passports, or driver’s licenses).

1.1 To access the Doctor Music Festival 2019 your day pass or ticket may be exchanged for a wristband. Only one wristband will be given out per person. The wristband must be placed immediately on the wrist of the user by organization personnel and may not be handed directly to the user.

Entrance to the festival will only be permitted upon viewing the day pass or ticket as well as the wristband, properly placed on the participant’s wrist. If it is lost or damaged, you may not re-enter the festival. The car and the wristband are non-transferrable. Take good care of them. In 2019, check our website to find the places and schedules for exchange.

1.2 The Organizer will deny access to the facilities in any of the following circumstances:

1.2.1 Passes are incomplete, amended, ripped, or appear to have been falsified.

1.2.2 The pass holder demonstrates a violent attitude or publicly incites hate, violence, or discrimination based on place of birth, race, sex, religion, opinion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other social or personal condition, and particularly, if a holder acts aggressively or causes disturbances outside or inside of the facilities, if the holder bears arms or objects that could be used as such, or is wearing clothing, objects, or symbols that incite violence or show sympathy for activities against the fundamental rights recognized by law and by the Constitution.

1.2.3 The holder shows signs of intoxication or to be consuming or having consumed drugs or other narcotics.

1.2.4 Exercising the right to admission does not in any case indicate a refusal of access to a pass holder due to place of birth, race, sex, religion, opinion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other circumstance or social or personal condition.

1.2.5 Upon entering the facilities, you are subject to being recorded, as per the law. The holder authorizes the Organizer, to conduct inspections of his or her person and belongings, to verify that they comply with safety conditions. Objects that could be considered dangerous by the organization or that are prohibited by current law are not permitted on the premises.

For safety reasons, you may not enter the facilities wearing motorcycle helmets, carrying suitcases, purses, or backpacks of a large size, although small bags such as purses or mini-backpacks are permitted. Other objects that may not be allowed on the premises include: bottles, cans, laser pointers, professional photographic or videographic equipment, pyrotechnics, or weapons of any kinds.

WARNING: Entrance to the Camp will have its own entrance conditions, which will be made public when CAMP TICKETS go on sale.

1.2.6 The Organizer may deny access or expel from the facilities a ticketholder in the event of failure to comply with the instructions of the Organization’s personnel, as well as in the event that it can be reasonably assumed that there is a situation of risk or danger for the ticketholder or other attendees, or because of an apparent or potential state of intoxication, with the holder being responsible for his or her own actions and omissions causing injury to others or damage to property.  In addition, the ticketholder is assumed to have created a situation of risk if he or she climbs the stage and/or jumps into the crowds, even if invited to do so by the artists, or if the ticketholder enters into areas deemed restricted access by the organization. The ticketholder will be considered to be personally responsible in all cases for his or her own actions or omissions causing injury to third parties or damage to property. Refunds of the amount of the ticket, if the festival has begun, will be carried out proportionally to the amount of time the ticketholder was able to attend the concert.


You are entering into a contract with IN COW WE TRUST S.L.:

  • Company Tax ID: B66906942
  • Headquarters: en Ronda Sant Pere 38, CP: 08010 Barcelona
  • Contact telephone number: 34 93 268 28 28 from Monday to Thursday, 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00. Friday from 10:00 to 15:00.
  • E-mail:
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3.1 Before making your purchase, you must enter your personal information in the registration form, or be logged in.

3.2 Once you have a login and password, you can choose your tickets. You can modify the ticket before confirming your purchase. Once your request has been accepted, your purchase is complete.


Purchasing tickets for the Doctor Music Festival 2019 assumes that you accept the following conditions:

4.1 Once the ticket is purchased, it can only be exchanged or refunded in the event the festival is canceled. However, you may exercise your right to withdraw your purchase for 14 calendar days after purchase as long as you have purchased the ticket at least 14 calendar days before the event (this condition only applies to online ticket sales). No exchanges nor returns will be made except in the cases specified in the general conditions for admittance (Point 4.2).

4.2 In the event of cancellation, the purchaser may request reimbursement within 30 days from the date the cancellation was announced, using the method specified by the Organizer. In consideration for day passes or all-festival passes, cancellation will be considered to be when more than have of the program is cancelled. These cancellations mean that the artist or artists will not be appearing at the festival.

The organization reserves the right to alter or modify the schedule if an artist has cancelled for reasons outside of the control of the festival. In this case, the organization will search for a substitute act.

The ticket cost will not be returned in the event of cancellation of the festival due to bad weather conditions, natural disasters, closure of Spanish airspace, or other instances of force majeure.

The festival will be considered to have started 60 minutes after the first artist scheduled has begun their performance, in the case of tickets and day passes. Starting from that point, no returns will be made.

4.3 The Organization does not guarantee the authenticity of ticket if it has not been purchased through official sales channels. The Organizer for the festival does not take any responsibility in the event of loss or theft of a ticket. You should treat your ticket like cash, and put it in a safe place until the day of the event. The ticket holder or the person in whose name the ticket was bought assumes all responsibility in the event that the ticket was duplicated, photocopied, or falsified, losing the right to access the event. Only the first ticket, once the code has been presented and validated, will be accepted. Any admission with the same code, presented afterwards, will be considered invalid.

4.4 Resale of any ticket without prior authorization will always be rejected in the event of reselling the ticket at a price higher than the official original price (indicated on the back of the ticket) or in the event that the resale is linked to the purchase of any other service or product. Unauthorized resale of any ticket voids any of the rights associated with same, including attending the festival, until the full amount has been repaid.  The Organizer does not guarantee the authenticity of any tickets that have not been purchase through official sales channels indicated in the official advertisements for the festival published by the Organizer. All tickets that have been amended, are suspected to have been falsified, or acquired illegally, will authorize the Organizer to deny access to the ticket holder.

IMPORTANT: The code for your ticket allows for access to the facilities only once.   It is your responsibility to save them and to avoid that it is copied. Do not publish your ticket on social networks, or print it at insecure locations. Keep it out of reach of third parties.

4.5 If you provide information for a guest, you must inform and obtain consent from this person to process their information, as they will be subject to our privacy policy as written in the following clause.

4.6 The ticketholder recognizes that he or she may appear in images recorded within the facilities through various media for later informational purposes, and authorizes this use, which will be the responsibility of each medium. The images may appear on the Internet, where their dissemination cannot be controlled. All rights to images and intellectual property for the show are reserved. Accessing the facilities with professional quality equipment for recording or visual or audio reproduction is prohibited. Access to the festival facilities includes giving consent to have photographs taken or other recordings made, without the right to any compensation.

4.7 In the case of images recorded by DOCTOR MUSIC FESTIVAL 2019, we inform you that your data will be included in databases under the responsibility of IN COW WE TRUST S.L., with the purpose of managing the purchase of tickets and/or similar purposes. You may access your information in order to modify, delete, or oppose the processing of your data by contacting, or by going to the previously mentioned address. Data you provide are considered to be truthful. Minors of less than 14 years old may not be registered.

COOKIES: by navigating to this website you accept the use of cookies. Please see our cookies policy on our website.

Upon making payment, your data will be automatically provided to the company managing card payments, as well as to the bank.

4.8 Holding a ticket does not give the right to its holder or to third parties to use same or its contents for advertising, marketing, or promotional purposes (including competitions, gifts, and/or raffles) associated with the holder of the ticket or others. Failing to comply with this point will obligate the advertiser and/or users that have not been authorized to pay a fine of 1,000 times the price of the most expensive ticket used for these activities, without the right to later claims for damages. Furthermore, all rights associated with the ticket will be void, including the right to attend the festival.

These activities will be tracked online in order to determine responsibility.

4.9 The ticket holder should personally assume all risk deriving from the festival and/or the gathering of people that will occur, both when accessing the facilities as well as during set up and when leaving.


 All rights to images and intellectual property are reserved. Any filming, recording, or reproduction within the facilities is prohibited unless with the express authorization of the Organization.


In the event of any questions, you can consult the information available on the festival website. Interested parties may find claim forms at the festival site, and at our company headquarters.

They are also available at

You can find information on consumer services at


The language of this contract is as chosen.


This document, which includes conditions for storage, is saved within our computing system. Once you have accessed it, you may print and save it.


DOCTOR MUSIC FESTIVAL is not an event for children. However, families are welcome. We only ask that adults keep in mind our policies for minors as described below.


Generally, the purchaser or holder of the ticket must be older than 18 years on the date the festival begins.

Attendees older than 16 and younger than 18 on the day the festival begins may only attend, with their ticket, if they are accompanies by parents or responsible adults, or with signed authorization by a parent or legal guardian. Minors of less than 18 years of age may not buy alcohol nor any other products that are not authorized for minors.

Attendees older than 13 and less than 16 on the day the festival begins may attend, with their corresponding ticket, if accompanied by their father or mother. If accompanied by another adult, they must carry with them signed authorization by the parents or legal guardians. Furthermore, they must carry visible identification, since they will not be allowed to access certain shows or activities that aren’t appropriate for their age, nor be able to buy alcohol or other products that are not authorized for minors.

Attendees older than 7 and younger than 13 on the day of the festival may attend with their corresponding ticket, only if accompanied by their father or mother. Furthermore, they must carry visible identification, since they will not be allowed to access certain shows or activities that aren’t appropriate for their age, nor be able to buy alcohol or other products that are not authorized for minors. They may not remain on festival premises after 23:00. The presence of minors at the facilities after the time determined by the Organization will lead to the expulsion of same as well as their parents, and the voiding of their tickets.

Minors of 7 years old may only access a special area for children, where they can participate in fun, artistic, and musical activities for their age, only during the daytime. This area is not a daycare, and children must always be accompanied by a parent.

The parent, legal guardian, or responsible adult accompanying any minor of 16 years must also sign a release in which they accept responsibility for the minor while the minor is on the premises of the festival. In addition to the corresponding documents, parents, legal guardians, or responsible adults must all have valid tickets. Furthermore, when the minor leaves the premises, they should be accompanied to their home. While on the premises, parents, legal guardians, or responsible adults are responsible for the child’s actions. For this reason, the following documentation must be submitted upon admission: Identification, official family register, passports or legal document certifying the parent-child relationship or the responsibility towards the minor.

Current legislation expressly prohibits the sale of alcohol to minors of less than 18, as such minors will be identified with a wristband that does not allow them to buy alcohol. The minor must wear this wristband at all times, and must carry ID.


Minors of less than 18 will not be permitted to access nor stay in any of the camp zones of the festival.


Ticket holders must carry their ID or passport on them at all times, so that their ages may be verified. Foreigners must carry the relevant documents from their country of origin.


Failing to comply with the previous requirements will be considered sufficient reason to expel this person from the facilities, without right to any refund, for both the minor and their responsible adult.


IN COW WE TRUST reserves the right, for justified reasons, to void or modify any of the preceding conditions, or to inform you of any incidents, in which case they will use the appropriate channels.